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Angora linen sweater b.jpg
I had a lot of white angora yarn, but not enough for an entire sweater.  I finally decided to create this sweater using the 100% angora for the bodice and 100% linen for the off-the-shoulder sleeves.  To give it some more panache, I added the knitted bobble clusters of grapes made out of the linen with angora leaves and vines.  It looks fabulous with a long black skirt and a strand of pearls. Click here to see the whole thing.
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About the "Scottish Gypsy"

My husband is of Scottish descent.   After our first child was born, my Hungarian grandfather jokingly and affectionately referred to our son as "a little Scottish Gypsy."   While the nickname didn't last, we thought it makes a great name for a web site.

About Me 


  • Shelly Jones taught me to knit our junior year in college -- long long ago before it was trendy.
  • I knit the German (Continental or Swiss) style.  I am self-taught. 
  • I've learned the rest through lots and lots of practice, frustration, anger, and unraveling complete sweaters.  This is normal behavior in an obsessed knitter. 
  • In college I majored in English literature and minored in studio art from a small liberal, emphasis on liberal, arts college in Ohio.
  • I am married to a fabulous man
  • We have 2 wonderful sons
  • We finally have a pet, but don't laugh, it's a Betta fish we named SKY (I managed to kill him in 10 days)  We have a new Betta fish named FLAME that I have not killed.  He's dumber than a door knob but loves to eat.
  • Favorite church:  Riverwood Community Chapel
  • Favorite hobbies:  knitting, reading, & swimming laps
  • Favorite color:  green
  • Favorite tree(s):  ginkgo tree, palm tree
  • Favorite TV shows:  Seinfeld, CSI, What Not to Wear, Battlestar Gallactica
  • Favorite types of movies:  Sci-Fi all the way baby!, human interest, comedy and any 2-thumbs-up kid movies.
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