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Angora linen sweater b.jpg
I had a lot of white angora yarn, but not enough for an entire sweater.  I finally decided to create this sweater using the 100% angora for the bodice and 100% linen for the off-the-shoulder sleeves.  To give it some more panache, I added the knitted bobble clusters of grapes made out of the linen with angora leaves and vines.  It looks fabulous with a long black skirt and a strand of pearls. Click here to see the whole thing.
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I love to knit!  I am a knit-a-holic!  I am obsessed with knitting and this web site is a showcase and journal for my knitting projects.  Many of these creations are gifts made for family and friends.  I also accept commissioned work and will teach knitting lessons from time to time.

I enjoy knitting well made and unique pieces. I may repeat patterns periodically, but each finished product has it's own singular look with an interesting twist whenever possible.

The relatively recent resurgence in knitting is stimulating.  It's exciting to compare notes and projects with fellow knitters and gain inspiration from each others knitted creations.  It is especially thrilling when a beginner knitter moves beyond knitting scarfs and ponchos and sinks their teeth into a sweater or a pair of sock and even throw in a stitch pattern to liven things up and keep it a wee bit more interesting.

I hope the projects you see on my site will inspire you to broaden your knitting horizons.
If you live in Northeast Ohio and are interested in lessons, joining our knitting group or would like more information, please contact me. Thank you for visiting my site!  

- Lisa MacKay